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Aquatechnobase V1.31


AquaTechnoBase is a freeware; the downloading is reserved to the registered members of AquaTecnoBel, the registration is free.

AquaTechnoBase is a freeware developed for PC.
This software try to respond to a problem a lot of pond keepers have, In fact creating and looking after a pond takes years.
Keeping the history of what you have done is very important, with the help of Aquatechnobase, now you have a trace and you normally won’t make two times the same mistakes.

 Aquatechnobase is a database dedicated to the pond’s management, this database is multi ponds, and multilingual, its structure turns around around seven “cards”:
The Fish, the Plant, the Equipment, the Water analysis, a Logbook, the Pond, and the Illnesses.

All those cards are linked together and if they are correctly filled in they will become an eBook.
When a card is filled in, Aquatechnobase gives you some information’s like the age of your fish, the end of the warranty period…
In the pond’s card, the information’s generated by the software are a little bit more complete and gives you a summary of your pond.

When you use the software for the first time, you must first create your pond, and then you can add fish, plant…

After the first use, in the installation directory you will find some files generated by the software:

Aquatechnobase.ini: this file contains for example the location of your data file, the language file you use and some others useful info.
Graph.ini: this file contains the parameters of the analysis graph.
Internet.dat: in that file are stored the Internet links of AquaTechnoBel.

Your data file has the extension .ATB, automatically the same file with the extension *.BAK is generated.

If you install Aquatechnobase for the first time, you have to download and to install the complete version (+/- 9MB).
If the program is already installed and if an update is available just download it (+/-2MB) and copy the files into the installation’s directory.
If you would like to totally uninstall the program you must go into windows install/uninstall menu and uninstall Aquatechnobase. Then you have to manually erase the remaining files in the installation’s directory.

If for a reason or another you have a problem with the *.INI or *.DAT files, just erase them and restart the program, new files will be generated with default values.
The data file can of course be kept and it will be compatible with all the future version of Aquatechnobase.

AquaTechnoBase will be connected on a Web page lodged on  ATB's server, it is thus necessary to authorize the program to be left on Internet.
The program does not send any information or that it is.

Accueil  Aquatechnobase Aquatechnobase accueil GB 
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